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Agroperlite Torflend of 2 l
  • Agroperlite Torflend of 2 l

Agroperlite Torflend of 2 l

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Brand:SC Diolsem, SRL
Country of manufacture:Moldova


The natural material representing volcanic glass also contains chemical elements which increase quality of soils.

Application of a substratum:

· As additive in a mix pot, improving their porosity and drainage properties. Provides gradual return of water and free access to roots of plants, stable temperature condition. Reduces acidity of the soil, increases resistance of soils in microbic a gnittya. Depending on type of soils perlite to add from 10 to 30% of volume of mix.

· For a drainage at cultivation of plants in pots without drain openings. Perlite is fallen asleep for a bottom with a thick layer.

· As a substratum at hydroponic cultivation of cultures. It is used as separately, so in mix with other substrata. When using it is necessary to consider that perlite, absorbing the raised moisture, changes concentration of nutrients in solution.

· For mulching at the same time evaporation of moisture decreases and emergence of a crust is prevented (especially on heavy soils). White color of perlite has good reflecting properties, does not give a substratum to overheat in hot time, and at low temperatures to cool down less.

· As ukorinyuvach shanks, especially with weak root system. Land shanks in the perlite concluded by a layer of 5 - 15 cm on a drainage layer to 5 cm, Cover with transparent material and regularly water.

Way of storage: To store in neposhkodzhny to a container. In the dry place protected from light.

Security measures: It is not toxic, to follow rules of personal hygiene.

Brand:SC Diolsem, SRL
Country of manufacture:Moldova
Information is up-to-date: 06.11.2019
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