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SC Diolsem, SRL
+373 (78) 83-30-30

About enterprise SC Diolsem, SRL

mun. Chisinau, Republica Moldova MD-2001
str.Bulgara 47
тел.: 022 244672
факс: 022277233
моб.: 078833030
SKYPE: diolsem
"DIOLSEM" LLC is one of the most famous companies operating in the agricultural market, household goods and accessories since 2005. We offer a wide range of consumer goods on wholesale and retail prices, directly from local producers and also foreign manufacturers. We offer our services to the levels of European standards. Our firm offer more opportunities for all companies that want to become our customers (and to support those who are starting a business).
Wholesale warehouse industrial products , means of protection of plants, peat, soils vegetable Seeds, flowers, alfalfa, grass lawn.
Goods are sold "Diolsem OOO tested and meet national and international standards and requirements. We import goods directly from manufacturers, without intermediaries. The main suppliers of "Diolsem"LLC are enterprises in Poland, Holland, Italy, Ukraine, China, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Germany.
The company offers its customers the possibility to pay by cash, Bank transfer, credit card, in full or in part.
We value our reputation on this our promise for us and for our clients the law.
We understand that client success depends on our products, and with it our future as a company.


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